If you are informed by a girl under 18 that an act of FGM has been carried out on her; or observe physical signs which appear to show that an act of FGM has been carried out on a girl under 18. Regulated professionals in England & Wales must report it to the Police under the Mandatory Duty using the 101 non-emergency number.


NHS Futures file sharing

Instead of open websites, NHSE are now moving to this website, ‘Futures’, for storing all their information.

You may need to setup an account to access it.  If you click on most of these links, or there is a link at the bottom which says ‘Join this workspace’ then you can send a request to join.  They should hopefully allow anyone who is a clinician in the NHS to join . There will be an FGM version of this website, again everyone needs to ask to join it – and this is where they’ll be storing all the publications, but they haven’t set it up yet.