PATRIARCHAL INSCRIPTIONS female bodies contested, invaded defended & owned

Kings College London

Within a broad spectrum of historical and cross-cultural violence against women, the
female body is subjected to patriarchal inscriptions which range from fashion-driven
body modifications to brutal mutilation – related practices on a continuum of acceptance and repulsion which obscures commonalities and erases distinctions.

A proposal emerging at the Arts & Humanities Research Institute, King’s College,
University of London, aims to establish a tripartite programme scrutinizing patriarchal
inscriptions on female bodies combining study, grounded theorizing and application
(for uses in education and in outreach). Building on extensive scholarship and advocacy in the field of epistemic injustice and embodied gender performances, we will add
new areas of interpretation and activism. This, the first in what we hope will be many
symposia, links up with our on-going preparations for such a major research

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